We want everyone to be as happy as possible from their very first day at Ivy Lane School.

But before joining us, we need to be as certain as possible that our service will be a good choice for the young person. We want to fully understand their needs and wishes and ensure moving to their new school is the exciting, positive experience it should be. We also take planning for the future, after leaving school, very seriously.

Finding out more

Referrals are accepted from the authority that will fund the placement. The authority will be asked to send relevant information which will be reviewed to ensure that Ivy Lane School may be in a position to positively address the needs of the referred young person.

Young people referred to Ivy Lane School must have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and be assessed in person before admission, to ascertain whether their needs can be met by the provision. This Pre-admission Assessment is carried out by one of the assessment teams. They will arrange to meet the young person and as many people centrally involved in their direct education as possible to assess their needs. This is the start of the child-centred planning process that ensures each young person is treated as an individual.

If, after completion of a thorough assessment process, we believe a young person’s complex needs can be met by Ivy Lane School, a formal placement offer will be made. If funding of the proposed placement is agreed, transition planning can commence. Appropriate contractual arrangements will need to be in place prior to the placement starting; Hesley Group primarily uses the National Schools Contract (NASS) for placements at Ivy Lane School. Information on what is/is not provided within our standard fee is issued as an appendix with the contract.

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    Getting ready for the start of a young person’s learning journey

    The young person’s learning journey within Ivy Lane School will be managed by a leader from the school who will work with the young person, family and the placing authority, to ensure the move is properly planned and managed and the best interests of the young person are properly met.

    A transition plan will be determined for every move into the school which will specify the support each young person will need for their transition. Depending on the young person’s needs, this can include a combination of: visits/ tours of the school; taster days/sessions; photos and videos of the new environment; parental/professional visits and social stories.

    At the end of a young person’s time at Ivy Lane School, the school is committed to working alongside families and professionals to support the securing of positive next step provision and working alongside others to ensure the young person is well supported with their move.

    You are more than welcome to visit the school to find out more and ask any questions.

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    If you’re thinking of placing with us we’d love you to get in touch