Safeguarding arrangements at Ivy Lane School

It is essential that any concerns about students’ safety or well-being at home, on the journey to school, or at school should be reported at the first opportunity to a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). Current DSL’s at Ivy Lane School are:

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head Teacher

01924 927285

Sarah Bowes-Charles
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Senior Teacher

01924 927280

In instances that relate to concerns regarding a staff member please report these directly to Michael Walsh (Head Teacher).

Concerns relating and/involving a Designated Safeguarding Lead should to be reported to Maryann Barton (Policy & Regulation Manager), whose contact details can be obtained from the school’s reception by telephoning 01924 927280.

The Prevent Duty

Ivy Lane School recognises and responds to its duty to protect our learners from the risk of radicalisation under the Prevent Duty. The Designated Safeguarding Lead and their Deputies have undertaken Prevent training in line with the Prevent Duty to protect children and vulnerable adults from radicalisation.

Ivy Lane School works alongside the Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership, WSCP and their parental page is here:

All staff at Ivy Lane School are required to attend a regular briefing to raise awareness of Prevent and other items within the safeguarding requirements. This forms part of a rolling programme of staff training associated with safeguarding. Please click on the links below to discover more about each topic:

Other Resources and Useful Information

The Key – Safeguarding Hub for Parents is a website that gives advice to parents and carers about setting up controls on children’s devices as well as apps such as TikTok Snapchat etc.

The NSPCC have produced help and advice on safeguarding and whistle blowing.

As part of our Equality objectives we have also developed these Easy Read keeping safe guides for children.

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