Executive Board

Overall responsibility for the effective running of Ivy Lane School lies with the executive board. Members of this board include:

  • Simon Harrison – Chairman of the Board
  • Chris McSharry – Chief Executive Officer
  • Anna Backhouse – Director of Therapeutic Services
  • David Maynard – Director of Partnerships and Business Development
  • Brent Lumley – Director of Quality
  • Anthony Robinson – Chief Financial Officer
  • Leigh Tudor – Director of Adult Services
  • Andrew Mason – Director of People and Culture

Education Board

Reporting into the executive board, this board focusses in detail on the work of the school in providing safe and effective education to it’s students. Membership of the board includes:

  • School Improvement Advisor
  • Ivy Lane School Headteacher
  • School Leadership Team Representatives
  • Director of Quality
  • Head of Safeguarding
  • Therapeutic Services Representative
  • Health/Learning Disability Specialist

From Summer 2023 the Education Board will meet once a term for ordinary meetings and can call extraordinary meetings should circumstances require. A chairperson for the board will be elected annually.

Ordinary meetings will cover the following areas through Headteacher’s reports, feedback from regulators/stakeholders and our independent school improvement partner:

  • Leadership and management: vision, direction, SEF, SIDP. Sources of moderation and quality assurance
  • Holding leaders to account for standards
  • Quality of education
  • Student progress
  • Outcomes for students
  • Regulatory compliance (including ISS and EIF) and policy changes
  • Safeguarding Children (SCR, safer recruitment, record keeping, links, CPD, e-safety)
  • Complaints and compliments
  • Behaviours for learning
  • Exceptional reporting on management of behaviour
  • Role of therapeutic services
  • Risk management including health and safety
  • Workforce wellbeing, development and effectiveness
  • Staff engagement – retention, supervision, CPD and qualifications
School Improvement Partner

Alongside the proprietor, the school appoints a School Improvement Partner to visit, quality assure standards and report into both the executive board and education board. The School Improvement Partner is independent to the school and proprietor and holds significant experience with both school leadership work and regulatory work. The School Improvement Partner plays a leading role in Headteacher appraisal and attends the education board.

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