Student A – Aged 16

Needs Overview
– Behaviours that challenge
– Autism
– CLA Section 20

On admission
Student A only attended school for 2 or 3 hours a day and regularly had to be collected early. Studied in isolation, supported 3:1 in school, only experienced a limited curriculum. No therapeutic support and unable to access CAHMS or other services.

Today it’s a very different picture
Attends school full time with access to the whole curriculum.

Full programme of therapy support in place integrated into PBS plan, including SALT, OT and Behaviour Therapy.

This has reduced behaviours that challenge and increased engagement in learning.

Now supported 1:1 and enjoys regular enrichment, including swimming, museum visits, shopping and using public transport.

Student B – Aged 11

Needs Overview
– Severe Language and Cognition Needs
– Non-attender in education

On admission
Placement breakdown led to six months out of education.
Disengaged with school, with three years of flat line progress in all subjects.
Behaviours disrupted education and led to isolation from peers.

Today it’s a very different picture
Initial SALT assessment from in-house therapist identified interventions required to unlock learning.

School attendance is now 97%.

Carefully pitched bespoke curriculum has led to accelerated progress through phonics, reading and other subjects.

Joe’s Progression Story

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic Joe’s school attendance was limited. When he did attend he could only access a small learning space and staff struggled to keep him engaged for reduced sessions.

After a bespoke transition plan Joe now attends full time and participates in onsite lessons alongside community based activities including swimming, bike riding, theatre and museum visits.

During his first term Ivy Lane School’s speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and behaviour analyst all completed assessments which fed into guidance for staff and targets as part of Joe’s individual learning plan and in support of his education, health and care plan.

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